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Sharing clips - Review, approve and download via a streaming web link

Last Updated: Apr 12, 2017 01:33PM BST

One of the key features of Aframe is the ability it gives content producers to share what they're working on for review and approval with anyone in the world, Aframe makes this possible. We will now look at all the different options. 

Note: if you are looking for extra protection on your links, look out below for the 'Require Login' option, where you can require the recipient to view the material but only after signing up, using the exact email address you sent it to. This means that you know exactly where the content was sent and who has watched it.

To Share content, select the media you'd like to share, then the ‘Share’ button 

You’ll be presented with a little pop-up menu, which will look like this:

First, give your shared link a title. Next, choose exactly what you'd like the recipient to have access to. 

By default, the Web stream is marked, but we can also choose whether we’d like the recipient to have download access to the h264 proxy, original file and any additional transcode flavours you have on your project . Checking these boxes means that whoever receives the link will be able to review the content online before choosing whether or not to download the high res original or compressed proxy.

There's also the option to give your Shared link an expiry date. Clicking on this field will open a calendar view, where you can select the date you'd like your page to expire.

The Shared link will expire at 23:59UTC on  your chosen date.

You now have various options to choose, with how and who being the deciding factors, lets take a look at each one -

Choosing 'Create and email' will mean that Aframe will deliver the link to your chosen recipients. Selecting this option will bring up a window (as shown below) with additional options, where you add your recipients email addresses, add a message and choose the security. Once you select 'Send email', Aframe will deliver your link to your chosen recipients.

In the 'Who would you like to email this to?', you can past an email distribution list but make sure that each address is on a separate line.

You can personalise a message to be sent in the next text box and then we move onto the security level of your link.

'Unguessable' - This enables the recipient to see your footage quickly and securely, with the access to the content limited to only those who know the URL.

'Require Login' - For an extra layer of security, you can stipulate that the link should only be view-able by a user on Aframe with a registered an email address. This option is a bit more fiddly for the person receiving your shared link, as they'll have to sign-up for an account and confirm their email address. It's entirely down to you and your needs.

Either way, this is what the recipient will see upon opening the link:


It’s basically a pared-down version of Aframe, displaying the selected content without any of the controls afforded to team-members. Viewers are able to playback the video, skip around the selection, go full-screen... everything you would expect from a piece of embedded online moving image. Note the playlist on the right-hand side of the screen, which enables the user to jump from clip to clip. Clips in a selection will play back one after the other. 

At the foot of the page, you also get a handy viewer count, so you can be sure that your video has been viewed by its intended recipient.


There’s also an ‘Available downloads’ button on the shared page shown above - this is because the option to allow the recipient download the original media was checked on creation. Clicking on this button will present the viewer with a pop-out window containing direct links to downloads for all clips, as demonstrated here-

This option allows you to send your link via sms/text to your recipients. Using this method your links will have the 'unguessable' security option, which means that anyone with the link can view (or download if you give that option).

Once selected you will see a window like below - 

In the 'Who's phones would you like to send this to' text box, you can add the phone numbers, including the international number sign of + or 00, then country code and number (losing any initial zero in the mobile/cell contact number).

An example being a UK number of 01111111111 would become (UK international dialling code is 44)  +441111111111 or 00441111111111. You need to add each number on a separate line.

If you are sending to someone who is on that project, you can just start typing their name and it will bring up their username that you can select. If that user does not have a mobile number associated to their username you will be returned with an error when you select the 'Send SMS' button.

Note: The links sent via SMS use the 'unguessable' security, so although no one would be able to guess the link, if the link is passed onto someone, they would be able to view the content. 

Note: Project team members must have their mobile number added to their user profile for us to be able to send to them if you select their username from the drop down (as mentioned above). You can send to anyone regardless by adding their mobile number to the recipient list instead of username.


Note: This option can be removed as an ability at Account/Organisation/Project level by an administrator. In abilities, disable the 'Users can share clips as unguessable links' option.

Choosing the option of 'Create link and request approval' will give the recipient the extra ability to approve or reject the footage and leave comments if needed in either case. The layout looks slightly different as we can see below. This option has the same security of 'Require login', in that the recipient can only access the link by signing in to Aframe using the email address the link is sent to.

Simply add the email address of the recipient. also a personal message, then select the green 'Request approval' button

The recipient with receive an email from Aframe, which looks similar to this

They click on the link and will be taken to the Aframe sign up screen, unless already logged in, where they can either login as normal or sign up for a free Aframe user account. Once signed in they will be presented with a screen similar to this - 

The recipient can now watch the clip, download it (if the option was granted) and also approve or reject the footage. once they select Approve or Reject, they will faced with either of the below.

As you can see below, the recipient rejected the footage and left some notes 

As the sender, you can check whether you have approval or rejection, amongst other information and the ability to expire a link by visiting the 'Share Links' section on your Aframe menu side bar. Once there, you will be presented with a screen like this -

You can see above that you can get a snapshot of what has been sent, actioned, approved, created and even views. Click on its title to view it or select the red 'minus' button to immediately expire the link, great if any links have been sent in error.

Selecting the blue information button will give you extra information and comments provided by the recipient, as shown below

Back in your main Footage section of Aframe will you will see Review and Approval filters in the bottom right of the screen, as pointed out below. Here you can quickly filter the clips down to only show approved, rejected or pending.

Once you select clips and review/play them, you can see all approval comments that have been made against selected clips by selecting the 'approval' icon . This is located to the right of the video. You should now be looking at a screen similar to this -

Here you can see who approved, rejected and their comments.

As you can see, this feature means that wherever you are, whatever you're working on, you can share, review and seek approval on content with anybody in the world - all at the touch of a button.

Choosing the big green 'Just create the link' button will do exactly that, it will create a link, using any options selected on the initial share link window, that you can then copy and paste to wherever.

This link will have unguessable security, so although no one would be able to guess the link, if the link is passed onto someone, they would be able to view the content.

If you have created a link in error or want to check the links details, you can get additional info and expire any links in the 'Share link' page on your black menu sidebar. For more info on that see here.
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