Creating Groups

If you are an account administrator or an organisation administrator, you can create groups from the team members you already have within an organisation. Once set up, you can then invite groups to projects in one fell swoop.

Administrators with the required access would see the organisational menu option -

Once you select the organisation you require to create the group, you will be presented with these organisational menu options, select the 'Groups' menu-

Now you will have the option to start and build groups-

Select either 'Create Group' or the underlined 'Add one now?'. You will now see a text box allowing you to enter the name of the group-

Once you add a name and select 'Create group', you will be provided a list of all team mates, along with their roles, in the selected organisation-

Simply select the 'tick' box beside the users you want in the group and choose 'Add members'.

Now you will be back at the main groups menu, with your new group showing and extra options-

from here, you can add the group to projects by highlighting the 'tick' box beside the group and choosing the 'invite groups to a project' icon 

When you select that invite icon, you will be shown a list of all the projects belonging to the organisation you are working with, just select the project, then the green 'Invite' icon-

Back at the main group screen, you can delete a group by selecting the 'tick' box and then the red delete (trashcan) icon.

You can also go into the group and edit it, where you can change its name and add/remove team mates, by selecting the group name. This will bring up a new window-

Here you can edit the group name, using the edit (pencil) icon 
Remove team mates, by highlighting the 'tick' box beside their username and then delete 
Add more members by selecting the big green 'Add group members' icon.

Important Notes

Adding/removing team mates to/from groups does not notify them of this.
Adding a group to a project will send invites or notifications to the users not already on that project.
Removing groups or its members does not remove team mates from projects.

At this point in time, groups are only used for adding users to projects.
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