When your project library starts to build, you may prefer to 'hide' projects that are not currently being worked on.

Making a project inactive removes it from the initial view of the dashboard but still allows you and any teammates to access the material. Lets take a look.

Here you can see that there are six projects-

Lets say that I would prefer only 2 of these to be showing, as they are active projects, where the others are finished. When I say they are finished, I mean no one is working on them but I may need that content later, so do not want to delete.

I can go into each project, into the 'Settings' menu (as I am an administrator) and i see this screen-

Here, you can choose to 'Deactivate', which once completed, will remove the project from the initial dashboard view. If we complete this on 4 of the projects shown in the first image on this article, then your dashboard would look like this-

The great thing is that the projects, although not showing on initial view, are still available and all of the content is still searchable on the global search.

If you wanted to view any archived projects, simply choose the 'Active & Inactive' filter on the bottom right of screen-

Once selected you will then see something like the screen shot below, with the inactive projects having a greyed out 'hazard' look-

You can enter the projects and work on them as normal. If you wanted to make the projects 'Active' again, just reverse the process above, go into the settings page within the project and make 'Active'.
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