Re-ordering chosen clips/play list

We understand that there are occasions when you have chosen a number of clips and took them into the review player but you really want to reorder their playing slots - this is especially useful when sharing a selection of clips to your team. Thankfully Aframe makes this easy to do.

Lets take a run through of how it works...

Choose the desired clips from your Media page and play them in the review player. Look to the right of the player and you will see 6 options across the top of your playlist. Choose the second option 
If you hover over the icon it will say 'reordering'. You will now see a screen similar to the below.

Here you can start and assemble the order you need by dragging the clip titles into the position you need them in. You can also quickly remove clips from this playlist by dragging the clip title off your playlist.

Once you have the clips in the right order, you will need to choose 'create new collection' - this will save the new playing order and create a collection.

If you are already working in a collection you will see the options below - 'save' or 'create a new collection'

Whenever you makes changes to the playlist and are happy to continue, you must always choose to save the new order...


Now you have the running order needed, you can share it
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