Shared Links - Information and instant expiry

Want to see more information about a shared link you created or you would like to make it expire with immediate effect? No problem if you are a user with 'Share' abilities set by an Administrator, you will be able to access this page.

The page displays a list of links created by the team, including details of creator, number of views, security type, link type, date created, and expiry date set.

Users with access to this page will be able to force expiry on any currently active link by clicking on the red button in the 'Action' column.

Clicking on the title will deliver the user to the share that was created (as long as they were part of the security level used), where they can view the footage delivered.

Note: Share links cannot be amended (only expired), so if you wanted to replace a clip within the link or amend the date, you would need to create a brand new link.
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