Want to share selections from within a clip on Aframe? No problem - it's easy using the Subclip feature!

To create a subclip, click on the Media section of your project and select your chosen file by double clicking its thumbnail or click once and choose the review/play icon.

You should now be in the review player, as show below.

Once the Review player has loaded, you will notice three icons, to the left, underneath the player (you can hover over these to see their description). Click on 'Subclip'.


This will reveal a panel with a rudimentary edit pane - essentially a timeline with an in-point and an out-point.

To make your subclip, drag the in-point and out-point to the desired locations. You can also click into the trim in and out time boxes, to enter the times manually if you wish.

Top Tip: Clicking on the relevant time segment (hour/minute/second increments) in the trim from boxes, you can move it forward or backwards by using the up arrow or down arrow on your keyboard.

Once you have your markers at the desired location, you can choose to add the newly created subclip to the playlist, by clicking on the green subclip button.

The new subclip will be added to your playlist on the right of the player, which you can re-order and share with the world! 

You can also see the new subclip has its own name, which can be edited and is also indicated by an italic font.

Note - this will not overwrite the original file; the parent clip will remain.

This new subclip can now be added to a Collection, Commented on or Shared with external viewers, just like any other clip in the project.

Note: You can also use the keyboard shortcuts, which you can find in the bottom left of screen but they will only work when you have the subclips area selected.

If you want to share one of the subclips you have made, you need to come out of the review player (where you have your original selection already chosen, so sharing from there would share the full clip).

Once you come out of the review player, find your subclip and share it. Subclips titles are in italics, to help you find them but you can also use the filter on the right hand side of your Media page-

Please note: Subclips on Aframe are for reference on our system only - any download will be of the full duration parent clip.
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