Your main Media page has various options to get your Aframe displaying media just how you want it. You can choose the ability to switch between big thumbnails, a list or a map view.

In your 'Media' page of a project, look to the top right of the page and you will see three icons that switch between these three options-

The default when you first view Aframe is thumbnail (which is the view above)-

This shows bigger thumbnails but you may not see the full title of the media and you do not get any extra information. You can hover over a thumbnail and it will go slightly bigger and you will notice a little menu button appear beside it-

Switching to list view can give a more information on your media-

This view will show you a map with markers in a location representing any of your media that has been uploaded with gps coordinates in the metadata-

Top left you have the ability to zoom in and out of the map.

Blue markers indicate a bunch of media in that location, with a numerical indicator of how many files. Zoom in at that location until you see green markers.

Green markers have the ability to click for a thumbnail preview or double click to bring up the media in the review player.
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