Last Updated: Aug 01, 2014 09:51AM BST

Aframe gives you the ability to transcode your footage to different broadcast formats, all within our cloud, taking away the pain and costs of needing this completed at on site premises. You may have an in-house format but receive footage from multiple camera sources, which can cause workflow issues but our Transcode feature is here to alleviate this.

Simply head over to Settings, then the Transcode menu, where you can set up your project to automatically transcoded your footage to selected formats. Once set up, you and your team can then Download the footage in the required format. If you do not have this feature activated, please speak to your Account Manager or our Sales team.

You can see below that I can select whichever formats I require and Aframe will create a transcoded version of my original footage. Your original footage is stored safely in exactly the same format it was received and is also available for download.

As ever, when you are uploading your footage, you can head over to the processing page to see how your transcodes are progressing.

If you cannot see the transcode flavour you require, speak to your account manager or one of the team.
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