Troubleshooting Java: for Mac Users

In order to use the upload tool, users must have the latest version of Java installed on their machine and enabled in the browser. To verify the version of Java you are currently running, and to download the latest version, please head over to Java is only available in Firefox (ends March 2017) and Safari on Mac. 

The browser-specific instructions detailed below are given on the assumption that the user has installed the latest version of Java on the machine used to conduct the upload.

Enabling Java in Safari

The first thing you need to do is attempt to upload/download in the applet, so that it registers the Aframe server in your Safari Java preferences. Select the big green 'upload media' button from your projects Media page. You should then see the below screen - 

Open up Safari, and access the Preferences panel by selecting Safari from the menu bar (top left). The keyboard shortcut for this process is two keys ⌘,

In the Preferences panel, select Websites. You should see the following:

Select Java in the left-hand tab (as highlighted above), then next to / / (depending on which location you're accessing), you will see a permissions drop-down.

To enable extra options in the drop down, you will need to hold down the Alt/Options key whilst selecting the drop down menu. The alt/options key may look like this - 

When you hold this down and select the drop down menu you will see a new option, 'run in safe mode'. This is enabled, so you need to select it to disable it, also select 'On'. You will see an on screen message asking if you trust the website, select 'Trust'.  These changes allow Java to run on our servers and gives permissions to the applet to access your file directory, so you can choose what to upload. 


Now close any upload windows you have open and select the 'Upload Media' button again. It will take about 13 seconds for Java to enable and run, then you should see a directory window, to choose your media.

Java not supported in Google Chrome and FIrefox

On trying to upload via the Java Applet in Chrome or Firefox, you may run into a screen shot similar to the below, this is due to both browsers not supporting Java NPAPI plugins. We recommend using  Safari or the desktop application.

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