Turning cards into collections

You probably already know that you can use Collections on Aframe to assemble clips into groups to help rationalise your project space (see here). 

You can also instruct Aframe to automatically build Collections on ingest. This is particularly helpful if you want to keep all the clips on a card or disc together, but it's also a useful feature if you want your project on Aframe to have groupings of assets which reflect the folder structure of the hard drive they came from.

All you need to do to create an Auto-Generated Collection on Aframe is upload a folder of files, using the 'straight into your project' option within the upload window (as see below). The system will automatically place all the files contained within into a Collection of the same name.

To demonstrate, here's an upload I carried out using a P2 card. I wanted the 7 clips on the card to remain grouped together, so that I could keep track of what belonged where in my project.

Here's the card:

And here's a breakdown of the P2 folder structure contained within:

Note: Aframe will build Auto-Generated Collections using only the root level of any given folder structure. In the above example, this is 'Raw P2 11-26-12'

Simply go to your project, click on 'Upload Footage', and choose the 'straight into your project' option, then add your chosen folder to the transfer queue in the Upload tool.

Once you have finished making your selection, click on the big green button to kick off the transfer.

The Upload Tool will transfer all of the files to our servers, retaining the folder structure presented to it.

Once the transfer has completed you'll get a confirmation screen, detailing the number of files and amount of data that has been copied over to our servers.

Our transcode engine will instantly go to work on making web-viewing copies of the clips on the card, so that anybody with an internet connection can playback the rushes from the card.

Once the process is complete: you'll see a message similar to the following pop up on your Activity feed:

If I click on the Raw P2 11-26-12 from that activity link, it will take me directly to an overview of all the clips contained on that card:

From here, I can play back the rushes, add selections of clips to new collections, share great takes with collaborators around the world.... all the usual bits of neat, workflow-based functionality you'd expect from Aframe!

Remember, you can always access this card again from the Collections drop-down, which sits on the right of the 'Footage' tab in your project.

Note: If you upload a folder into Footage, Aframe will create an auto-generated collection named the same as that top level folder. At the point of upload you also get an option to create a new collection, if you choose to do this, Aframe will create a collection to house the uploaded footage. So if you choose to upload a folder and create a collection, the uploaded footage will sit in 2 collections - one auto-generated and one created by you. 

In the majority of cases when uploading a folder you would choose to 'upload straight into the project'.
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