Upload via third party FTP

In the event where you would like to grant blind upload access to a project, via a third party FTP, you can create the credentials that they will need from within the project.

Simply head over to 'Settings' (administrators only) on your menu sidebar from within your project, then choose 'FTP' and you should see similar to the below screen shot.

In the 'Add a new uploader' text box, you will notice that Aframe has added the name of the project as a username. You can use this or simply delete it from the box and add your own username (no spaces) and click on the green '+' button.

For the below example, I have changed the username to Post-House, clicked on the green '+' button and the app has created a set of credentials, just like this:

The details your FTP uploader will need are the server name (always highlighted in yellow in Aframe), the username and the password.

You can now copy and paste these details from your project into an email or IM to your contributor. They can then put them into their FTP client of choice, and they're good to go.

People are also using this feature to automate delivery of rough cuts from the edit to the project for review and approval via team-mates, using automated workflow tools and plugins within their NLE. As long as it's looking for an FTP output, our credentials will work just fine.

Note \- you need to ensure each uploader has their own username and password, to ensure that a; you know who has delivered what content and b; contributors do not have access to each others material on the remote server.

Note \- the blind upload feature is designed to support the upload of self-contained media assets. To upload complex card-based camera rushes (e.g. P2) or folder structures, we recommend that you use the desktop application which maintains all structure.. 

Note - The process of uploading via third party FTP clients means that the uploaded material is handled by our dedicated FTP servers. Once an upload is complete, we shall attempt to ingest into Aframe's databases and if successful (working asset showing on project), it will dealt with like any other assets (stored safe across servers). Uploads to the FTP server will normally be deleted within 30 days (leaving the working copies on Aframe's main database).

Process would normally be - 

uploaded via third party FTP client
received successfully by dedicated FTP server
ingest process begins
media successfully working on project
Media is stored on Aframe main database
30 days later media is deleted from FTP server. 

With the above in mind it is important to check that your uploaded material is showing as ingested on the project and report any abnormalities within 30 days of upload (to prevent any possible loss of media from the FTP server).

If you have any questions regarding any of this please let us know.
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