User Permissions

There are differing users levels within Aframe, meaning that you can set up your team, giving access to only the functions you require. This helps to ensure that your media is safely stored on Aframe and the right people are working on the right project, with the right level of access.

Lets take a look at these users.

Account Administrator

The very top level of user permissions, giving total access to everything (this access can only be given by the team here at Aframe so please get in touch).

The account admin can create projects and has access to an account dashboard, which provides them with various metrics from all projects. From this dashboard they can create organisations and set user abilities at an account level, organisational level and also project specific. You can see more about how Account administrators do things here.

Organisational Administrator

If the account administrator has created differing organisations within the overall umbrella of the account, they can invite a user or users to be organisational administrators. These admins will control that organisation, can set abilities (based on what the account admin has allowed), create projects, users, groups and set transcode option availability. All based on this organisation only. You can see how via this link

An organisation and an organisational administrator can only be created/invited by an Account Administrator and are created through their Account Dashboard. You can see the organisation section highlighted in blue in the screen shot above.

Project administrator

Account & organisational administrators can invite users to administrate specific projects only, they do not have the ability to create or delete projects but can manage the team & abilities for that specific project.

All administrators at all levels have an extra menu in their projects called 'Settings', where they can add/remove team members, give project FTP credentials, set up Transcode, Change project ownership and Delete project. The last two options can only be done by account or organisational administrators.

Project Administrator view

Project Administrative Access - 

As project owner you can spread administrative duties to team members by giving them Administrative access, this means they will have full access to the project including the 'Settings' menu - as pictured above.

Although they have administrative permissions, they are unable to create projects or give administrative access to others.

Project Access team member -  

Project access team members can upload and review footage, create comments, create subclips, create and manage collections, view documents, view activity and processing. Optionally, they can also:

add/remove clip comments
add/edit and remove log markers
change clip title and summary
delete clips
download clips
export metadata

Screenshot of a Project access team member view with full functionality, notice they have no 'Settings' option on their menu sidebar - 

Workspace access member -

A Workspace access member has their own workspace within the project and can only access footage that has either been uploaded by themselves or shared to their workspace by a member of the team. This is perfect for someone who you would like to be able to upload into the project and see some content but not all.

As well as uploading they can view the processing page, review their footage and create subclips. Optionally, they can also:

add/remove clip comments
change clip title and summary
delete clips
download clips
export metadata

Screenshot of a Workspace Access members view, with share enabled - 

An Administrator and Project access members of the team can view a workspace by using the collections drop down menu, to the right of the screen (as pictured below) and can add/remove footage from there just like any other collection.

Logging access member - 

A Logging access member of the team can only access the logger tool, where they can review and add logs to the footage sent though to Logging. If you would like a team member to be able to access the logging tool but also have other functionality, you will need to grant Project Access with 'add/edit and remove log markers' in the customise menu.

Screenshot of a Logging Access team member - 

FTP Uploaders -

An uploader is someone who has been given FTP upload credentials by the project owner (via the 'Settings' menu) and their only access to the project is to blind upload via a third party FTP. These members do not have any access to Aframe's user interface.

Now all you need to do is start and invite people to the team, giving them the access you require.

Note: High levels actions a user carries out within a project are logged, and can be viewed on the Activity page. This essentially acts as an audit trail. If you wish to revoke a user's access, simply remove them from the team via the 'Settings' menu.
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